R2 Christmas Pickle Promo

The legend of the Christmas Pickle

The R Squared holiday promos are a client favorite and a project that the team looked forward to every year.

When we decided to go with this particular promo, we were fairly certain that most people had never heard the legend of the Christmas Pickle, the tradition that calls for the hanging of a pickle ornament on your Christmas tree. We presented the three most common tales of the Christmas pickle and the true, original story.

The promo included a pickle-shaped card with an ornament hook so the recipients would be able to start the pickle tradition in their own homes as well as a shirt with our custom-made R Squared Spicy Pickles logo, a jar of Rick’s (the R in R Squared) homemade spicy pickles, a bag of dill pickle flavored sunflower seeds, and of course an authentic pickle ornament. 

We also created a corresponding website featuring all four of the stories along with Rick’s pickle recipe, a pickle game, and a place for everyone to share their version of the origin of the Christmas Pickle.

What I Did

  • Planning & Research
  • Design
  • Vendor & Production Management
  • Fulfillment