Recipe Development Database

A searchable cocktail database.

Ignite creates hundreds of cocktail recipes per year, and they needed a way to organize, search and pull from all of their past recipes. The solution was a searchable, web-based site that allowed the user to enter in any type of search terms from supplier, brand, type of cocktail, main spirit or even glassware.

The search results could be downloaded as a .csv file or as individual PDFs. The detail page for each cocktail displays the recipe, procedure and photo. The site provides a user-friendly way to catalog cocktails and link them to their original job, making it quick and simple to locate the job details in the archives.

This solution drastically reduces the time it takes to find recipes and helps to streamline the development process as well.

What I Did

  • Planning & Research
  • User Flowchart
  • Wireframe
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Vendor Management for Programming