Maraschino Cherries: A branding case study

A case study on the rebrand of a classic American favorite

The National Cherry Growers and Industries Foundation (NCGIF) is a nonprofit corporation formed in 1948. The NCGIF is funded by dollars generated through assessments paid by the growers and processors of USA grown cherries. In general, most if not all of the growers, are individuals and families who have been growing those cherries that become Maraschino cherries in the states of Oregon, Washington, Michigan, and California for generations.

We were hired by NCGIF to update their brand and overall presence in the cherry marketplace. The goal was to communicate to all consumers in the Maraschino cherry business: the consumer, foodservice distributor, foodservice purchasing agent, ingredient manufacturer, retailer, and last but not least, the grower.

We started by researching and learning about the great history of the growers and found what makes them stand out from the crowd. It was a dedication to their craft and producing a superior cherry from what can be imported.

Brand Identity & Tagline

The logo draws from the vintage-style fruit logos of the past. The bright red represents the bright fun color of the Maraschino cherry, while the others draw from nature, yellow for the sun and green for the cherry tree. “USA Grown” was added to make sure viewers know that they are getting the highest quality, US-grown product.

The tagline plays on the simple nature and superiority of the fruit. It alludes to the simple pleasures in life and elevates the Maraschino cherry to a level of excellence. The simple addition of the Maraschino cherry as an ingredient or garnish completely changes the experience.


The website speaks to multiple audiences and to the dedication to the quality of the cherries and the growers’ family pride associated with it. We continued with the vintage style in the design and added various sections and pages throughout to connect with the appropriate audiences.


We created posts that are direct and promote organic content. We also used data to support our claims about the Maraschino cherries.

Print Ad Campaign

The goal of the Farm to Fab ad concept was to develop a more conservative campaign that appeals to the target audience (B-2-B Industry Influencers and Purchasing Agents) by showcasing why buying a USA-Grown product is not only important to the business model but elevates the brand experience for the consumer. We produced digital and print ads in various trade magazines and websites.